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LiteShelf Classic Raw Brick Home Office

Liteshelf is a New York company that invents, designs and builds a select range of retail and custom lighting solutions of the same name. The LiteShelf product line is built around the fascinating concept of integrating modern LED lighting directly into shelving boards.

Sleek and sturdy, LiteShelf is crafted of durable, scratch-resistant materials and designed for simple installation and removal. It is compatible with almost all shelving styles, perfect for hard-to-light areas from retail spaces to bedroom closets and beyond.

LiteShelf Inset Compact Kitchen

Once upon a time...  

     a lightbulb went off

LiteShelf is a company full of bright ideas, and our proudest ones carry the same name. The LiteShelf products available today are a reflection of our innovative spirit and affinity for beautiful lighting solutions.


You could call us lightheaded.


After hearing from retailers how traditional lighting left too much in the dark or created too much glare, we set out to reimagine indoor lighting for both residential and commercial applications.


4 patents and 11 iterations later, our flagship trio of stunning LiteShelf products sets the standard for how lighting can illuminate life:

Designed to replace existing shelves without modification


Floating shelf with custom mounting hardware that covers power outlets


A svelte version that mounts under a cabinet or display case

LiteShelf Floating Homework Desk

Our Mission

We develop breakthrough lighting products that solve common problems with creative elegance. With a commitment to fine design, quality craftsmanship and environmental protection, we make people happy and put a little more light in every life.