A brighter way to display

 Cast your merchandise in a brilliant new light.

What can LiteShelf do for you?

For commercial use we offer completely custom and intentional product design. Each LiteShelf is purpose built for your store, art gallery, fitting room, showroom, or any other application. The most efficient, effective method for illuminating and showcasing your merchandise, LiteShelf is also a distinguishing feature of your space design and style.

Just imagine

Join. Design. Win.

Announcing the LiteShelf commercial use contest

LiteShelf is like a canvas, endlessly flexible and customizable around the greatest ideas in public presentation. We invite you to submit an original sketch or proposal for a retail or commercial application, and show the world what’s possible with LiteShelf.


If your design is chosen it will be featured on this page right here. You will also receive up to a $5,000 credit towards your new LiteShelf installation.

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LiteShelf is a bright idea of The Superlative Lighting Company.

SuperLightCo - Brooklyn, NY 11205

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