The LiteShelf Exhibit. Explained.

This is what you saw at the show


Here is the virtual tour;

First on the left is LiteShelf Inset (1) mounted under a framed cabinet. It can also be used in frameless applications with a light-rail.

Next is a comparison (2) between spots (top) and LiteShelf Floating (bottom).

The closets are a comparison for LiteShelf Classic (3). The right one is how a closet should look if you ever want to find anything in it.

The bathroom scene (4) has LiteShelf Floating over the mirror. Being able to be finished in any color HPL (Formica or WilsonArt) to match the bathroom makes it the best lighting fixture choice.

Last on the right is a LiteShelf Floating tower (5) with color-pop front edges. All floating shelves are secured by our proprietary Level & Clip bracket system with Load to Stud weight distribution.


Send us your plans, and we will suggest how LiteShelf would work best for you.

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LiteShelf is a bright idea of The Superlative Lighting Company.

SuperLightCo - Brooklyn, NY 11205

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