LiteShelf Inset

 The ultimate recipe for perfect countertop illumination



If you have an appetite for truly seamless design, you’ll love the virtually hidden profile of LiteShelf Inset

LiteShelf Inset Colorful Bell Peppers



Thanks to an accurate and even spread of light, you get a perfectly bright and 100% shadow-free countertop workstation



LiteShelf Inset is meticulously designed for compatibility with almost any cabinet make, right out of the box

LiteShelf Inset Modern Kitchen
LiteShelf Inset Modern Office



High-efficiency integrated LEDs direct the glow downward without leaking, sending the brightness just where you need it

Cutting - edge, Edge to Edge

Virtually invisible

How does LiteShelf Inset look the part? By not being seen

Tastefully bright

With accurate daylight color temperature, it brings out the best color in foods

100% glare free

Lights up your surfaces for hours of easy, comfortable, and enjoyable work

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LiteShelf is a bright idea of The Superlative Lighting Company.

SuperLightCo - Brooklyn, NY 11205

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