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How it Works - Classic

Step1: Choose a new home for your new LiteShelf Classic.

LiteShelf Classic Tutorial

Step 2: Replace your regular shelf with your new LiteShelf Classic.

LiteShelf Classic Tutorial Replace Shelf

Enjoy the beautiful and even lighting 

LiteShelf Classic Tutorial Finished

How it Works - Floating

What You Get. (LiteShelf not shown.)

LiteShelf Floating Accesories Included in box

Step 1: Remove the wallplate.

LiteShelf Floating Tutorial

Step 2: Carefully screw in the bracket.

LiteShelf Floating Tutorial Step 1

Step 3: Slide in the two hinges. 

LitShelf Floating Hinges

Step 4: Plug in LiteShelf and clip it in

LiteShelf Floating Step 3 Insering Shelf


LiteShelf Floating Tutorial

How it Works - Inset

Step 1: Run the power cord between the cabinets or other hidden place

LiteShel Inset Tutorial

Step 2: Expose the adhesive and attach LiteShelf Inset under the cabinet.

LiteShelf Inset Tutorial

Step 3: Hide the wires with the included wire clips, and enjoy perfect lighting!


LiteShelf Inset Tutorial

Specifications Classic, Floating and Inset

LiteShelf Specs

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